Dreamcast #38: PPD

April 17, 2018

Rice just wants to put this out to justify the cost of running a podcast and to also remind you that this Dreamcast does exist and that you should keep checking back whenever we actually have time to record the next episode. Thanks for your patience!


Dreamcast #37: Fish Fry

March 29, 2018

Friend of the blog Crawly joins WSD live from Florida to talk his experiences with Marlins Park, the Cubs' season opener, and Anthony Rizzo's small dab into social issues. If you're not too turned off by Crawly's periodic lapses into radio silence due to bad wifi, please rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #36: Hubris

March 22, 2018

Rice and Andy talk about the Cubs' 2018 outlook after having discussed the other NL Central teams.  We also talk about the South Siders as well as Jason Heyward's value and our hope that he can bounce back. You should totally rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends.


Dreamcast #35: The Also-Rans

March 19, 2018

Andy and Rice talk about the Cubs' spring training so far, as well as the teams that will be looking up at the presumptive NL Central division champions.  You should totally check out our blog and rate us on iTunes.


Dreamcast #34: Signs of Spring

March 7, 2018

Anno and Rice talk about the Cubs and Spring Training, with guest Danny Rockett chiming in on the Sloan Park and Cactus League experience since he's down there now (the lucky stiff).  Please rate and share our podcast with your friends!


Dreamcast #33: Yu Got What I Need

February 11, 2018

Friend of WSD Dabynsky joins Rice to talk the reported Yu Darvish signing, Cubs roster makeup, the future of baseball, and more on the latest edition of the Dreamcast. Please rate us on iTunes! Some letters to worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot come would be sweet, too.


Dreamcast #32: The Spring Thaw

January 26, 2018

The coldest part of winter has temporarily gone away, with Andy returning from overseas to talk about the Brewers' latest moves, the Cubs' continued perceived NL Central supremacy, and some miscellaneous baseball items including the Hall of Fame voting and pace of play stuff.  Please feel free to drop us a line at worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot com, rate us on iTunes and share us to your friends!


Dreamcast #31: I Also Like To Live Dangerously

January 7, 2018

Rice and Anno hang out for the first Dreamcast of 2018, right before the Cubs Convention, as we talk about the slow offseason, potential Cubs targets that they'll hopefully eventually get to, and miscellaneous stuff as the weather temporarily warms up again.  Please find us on iTunes and send ratings and e-mails!


Dreamcast #30: All I Want For Christmas is Yu

December 20, 2017

In this episode, friend of the blog Stevo joins us to talk about Yu Darvish, baseball miscellany, and the Cubs going forward as we head to the holidays.  Please rate us on iTunes, and share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #29: Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

December 9, 2017

With a flurry of moves happening all at once, Rice and Anno commiserate at the loss of Shohei Ohtani (who was a long shot anyway), the ongoing Giancarlo Stanton saga, and some Cubs moves that we expect as the Winter Meetings roll in.  Listen, then rate us on iTunes and tell us how much we suck.  You can direct comments and hate mail to worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot com.