Dreamcast #30: All I Want For Christmas is Yu

December 20, 2017

In this episode, friend of the blog Stevo joins us to talk about Yu Darvish, baseball miscellany, and the Cubs going forward as we head to the holidays.  Please rate us on iTunes, and share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #29: Didn’t We Almost Have It All?

December 9, 2017

With a flurry of moves happening all at once, Rice and Anno commiserate at the loss of Shohei Ohtani (who was a long shot anyway), the ongoing Giancarlo Stanton saga, and some Cubs moves that we expect as the Winter Meetings roll in.  Listen, then rate us on iTunes and tell us how much we suck.  You can direct comments and hate mail to worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot com.


Dreamcast #28: Show Me the Money

November 11, 2017

With Anno off doing newlywed honeymoon type things, Rice enlists the aid of good friend Crawly to talk Cubs offseason moves and Wrigley renovations.  We also lament the rising cost of entertainment with a perennial contender (boo hoo, right?) but we wouldn't have it any other way.  Rate and share, if you please!


Dreamcast #27: There’s Always Last Year

November 5, 2017

Rice and Anno recount the just-finished World Series, talk about the upcoming offseason moves that will hopefully set the Cubs up for another long playoff run, and briefly not-stick-to-sports.  Please listen, rate us on iTunes, and share!


Dreamcast #26: It Was Fun While It Lasted

October 22, 2017

While Rice recovers from the black plague, he and Anno talk about the unfortunately premature end to the Cubs' season, and the bright future that follows.  Notes about coaching changes, potential offseason moves, and more!


Dreamcast #25: Respect Me

October 9, 2017

In this episode, Rice battles an illness while he talks to Anno about the playoff picture, in which the Cubs are sitting pretty so far.  Narratives are dispelled, Cub performances are discussed, and by the time you listen to this, the NLDS might be over...hopefully in favor of the North Siders.  Listen, rate, share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #24: The Kato Kaelin Story Hour

September 24, 2017

Anno and Rice talk about the Cubs as they are almost ready to clinch their division if not for that stupid Brewers off day on Monday.  Soon, though.  Also, we're probably going to get called special snowflakes because we dared to not stick to sports when not even sports was sticking to sports.  Listen, rate us on iTunes, and share!


Dreamcast #23: Rewrite the Narrative

September 17, 2017

Freshly married Anno returns to talk Cubs with Rice as the North Siders open up a four-game lead with just 13 to go.  Lots of thoughts on health, rotation, bullpen, and who might be on the roster come October since we're still fairly confident the Cubs will get there. Rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #22: Bad Timing Awards

September 2, 2017

With Anno off doing newlywed things and abandoning Rice to the wolves, good guy and guest Jared Wyllys filled in to talk Cubs transactions and performance as we head into September.  Some thoughts on the Justin Verlander trade possibility that ended when he went to Houston after we hit "stop" on this episode, because why not.  Plus, who's at short?  I don't know.  Third base!


Dreamcast #21: Stick to Sports

August 19, 2017

With a huge kerfuffle on social media because we didn't stick to sports, Rice and Dabynsky talk about not just the Cubs, but about the rights and privileges that allow us to talk about whatever we want...as long as we are accountable for our words.  Thanks to those of you who didn't bail because we dared to express empathy.