Dreamcast #19: Back to Work

August 3, 2017

With Anno and Andy off doing their thing, Rice rants about Cubs fans on this episode of the Dreamcast.  Flying solo kind of sucks, so if you're interested in being a guest, find us at worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot com or just reach out to us here or on the social media.  We also pay tribute to the recently departed Cubs legend, John Arguello.


Dreamcast #18: Don’t Welcome Our Robot Overlords Just Yet

July 23, 2017

In this episode, special guest Harry Pavlidis joins us to talk about the virtues and awesomeness of modern baseball tracking technology, but also cautions on over-reliance of said technology.  We also talk a bit about the disappearance of traditional baseball journalism outlets as advertisers have changed the landscape.  Please rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends!


Dreamcast #17: Hot or Not?

July 17, 2017

Rice got a job and Anno returned from Burning Man as the Cubs also returned from the All-Star break to make a later-than-expected run at the NL Central title.  We give a shoutout to Jose Quintana, possible new trades, and talk rotation options once Kyle Hendricks returns.  Also, please vote for our friend Danny Rockett so he can win things with his Carl Edwards Jr song!


Dreamcast #16: The Fault In Our Stars

July 10, 2017

Why are the Cubs so bad? Why is everything horrible again? Will the Cubs ever return to being good? This and more on the latest Dreamcast with Rice and Dabynsky. Also, we open a Sports Crate, which came really really late and is probably not worth the money or hassle.


Dreamcast #15: #WeAreGood

June 28, 2017

With the Cubs still struggling on the field with injuries and performance issues, Rice and Anno discuss the really strange case of Miguel Montero.  We also vent about people who follow us but don't read our stuff or share this podcast (wink wink), so please do us a solid and help us out!


Dreamcast #14: It’s Never Too Soon to Talk About the Trade Deadline!

June 19, 2017

Rice talks to guest Justin McGuire about possible trade targets for the Cubs come July.  We also talk about the happenings around MLB, unwritten rules, and North Carolina nostalgia.  Please share us and rate us on iTunes!


Dreamcast #13: What, Me Worry?

June 17, 2017

Rice and Andy get together after some Cubs mediocrity to look at positive signs from the team during a game in progress.  We also talk about the Cubs' 2017 MLB Draft and how they expect to develop pitching for now and for the future.  


Dreamcast #12: The Elephant In the Room

June 11, 2017

Rice & Andy talk about the Cubs roster, the MLB Draft coming up, and some pace-of-play stuff.  Then Rice & Anno tackle the controversy surrounding Addison Russell...probably not recommended or wise, but what'd you expect from us?  Listen, share, and rate us on iTunes!


Dreamcast #11: Stay Classy (Side B)

May 31, 2017

With the B side of this super-sized Dreamcast, Rice and Ryan Davis talk about the Cubs, MLB, Homer Simpson being "inducted" into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and other assorted baseball-y items.  Don't forget to rate us on iTunes and send in questions and comments to worldseriesdreaming at gmail dot com!


Dreamcast #11: Stay Classy (Side A)

May 31, 2017

On Side A, Rice and guest host Dabynsky talk about the slumping Cubs (what else is new), how we're frustrated but not giving up, and why unwritten rules are stupid.  Check out Side B (later on) for our interview with guest Ryan Davis.