Dreamcast #45: The Return

January 22, 2019

Rice and Crawly return to the Dreamcast after a long hiatus to talk Cubs' lack of action (which is probably why we've been away for so long), the team as currently constructed, and the 2019 Cubs Convention. You should totally share us with your friends and subscribe to our blogs and podcast and stuff. Rate us on iTunes too!

Dreamcast #44: Goes Both Ways

July 24, 2018

After Rice and Anno go to Wrigley Field one last time together before the big move, this is the last podcast before Team WSD must operate from different time zones. We talk a bit about the silly bobblehead day, Anthony Rizzo doing great feats of awesomeness, thoughts on MLB expansion and the DH, and refer you to listen to this podcast and read our blog to find out how you can win Anno's extra Wrigley scoreboard clock. Please also rate and review us on iTunes and share us with your friends. 

Dreamcast #43: When I Was a Young Man

July 19, 2018

Rice and friend of the blog Randall get together to talk about the changing landscape of baseball in the aftermath of the All-Star Game. We also talk a bit about marketing baseball talent, plus some social media snafus. Wanna go to the Under Armour Game? Rice has tickets! Rate us on iTunes and leave a review, please!

Dreamcast #42: Things Fall Apart

June 24, 2018

After a frustrating weekend, Rice and Anno talk about why it's not time to panic about the Cubs just yet. In the meantime, you can still win our swag by leaving us a review on iTunes, after you listen to find out what you can win, of course.

Dreamcast #41: The Inevitable Comeback

June 7, 2018

As the Cubs (hopefully) begin their run at the NL Central crown once again, Rice and Anno talk about confidence, performance, and some logistics on how you can snag that extra Wrigley scoreboard clock Anno got at the game this week. You should probably take some time to rate us on iTunes, wink wink nudge nudge.

Dreamcast #40: We Do This Every Year

May 3, 2018

As the Cubs slog through their early season doldrums, Andy and Rice talk about the (hopefully) inevitable resurgence and everlasting faith in our favorite team. Plus some chat about the changing face of baseball as well as a farewell to a fan favorite. You should totally listen and rate us on iTunes and stuff. Come find us at worldseriesdreaming.com

Dreamcast #39: Plan? What Plan?

April 24, 2018

After a very annoying spate of bad weather and postponements, the Cubs and WSD get back on a good streak and bring you some banter on performances to watch, ideas on expansion, realignment, and scheduling, and more. Please rate us on iTunes!

Dreamcast #38: PPD

April 17, 2018

Rice just wants to put this out to justify the cost of running a podcast and to also remind you that this Dreamcast does exist and that you should keep checking back whenever we actually have time to record the next episode. Thanks for your patience!

Dreamcast #37: Fish Fry

March 29, 2018

Friend of the blog Crawly joins WSD live from Florida to talk his experiences with Marlins Park, the Cubs' season opener, and Anthony Rizzo's small dab into social issues. If you're not too turned off by Crawly's periodic lapses into radio silence due to bad wifi, please rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends!

Dreamcast #36: Hubris

March 22, 2018

Rice and Andy talk about the Cubs' 2018 outlook after having discussed the other NL Central teams.  We also talk about the South Siders as well as Jason Heyward's value and our hope that he can bounce back. You should totally rate us on iTunes and share us with your friends.